When going towards the right from the three lane intersection south of Çaydır Settlement, the road goes on to first a graveyard and then when continued to an olive grove towards the top of the hill. An old Roman bridge draws attention in the area. Lycian pathway reaches to a village road over the Çayköy settlement. After a while when the pathway starts again it goes on parallel to the waterways.

After a second Roman bridge has been passed it goes on from a dirt road under the pine trees. At the end of the forest are you should pass from an area with dense thorns. Pants or legging use is suggested especially in this area. Lycian road which goes on partly as natural pathway, and at some points from the asphalt, reached to Akbel after a couple of kilometers of descend from İslamlar settlement.

In this map section market is only located in Üzümlü settlement on the Lycian road. In the İslamlar settlement there is a business providing accommodation and also there is another market which is not so close to the Lycian pathway. After 2km from Üzümlü settlement and 4 km, drinking water can be obtained from two different fountains. Going upwards from the river bed in the Üzümlü settlement and deviate from the Lycia road, there are four different areas of remains in the river bed until Yeşilce settlement.

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